Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, during his visit to Karbala Thursday 1/3/2018 met with the elders and tribal figures of Albu Massoud tribes at the guest house of Sheikh Shihab Ahmad Al-Alawi, and elders and tribal figures of Albu Shibl tribes Thursday 1/3/2018
His eminence discussed the latest developments in the political and social situations, and post-Daesh phase, indicated that Iraq has achieved victories at the political level winning the challenges of national unity, on military level winning over terrorist Daesh, and on community level winning over sectarianism and internal conflicts, pointed out that the fourth victory over the challenges of state-building is the most important, a complementary victory and a coronation of victories that were realized,
His eminence called for empowering the professional team to build the state based on specific criteria, pointed out that each phase has its own requirements, and the people have the right in what they demand according to the challenges and needs of Iraq at the current phase, in which it lies in building a strong state that is able to provide services.
His eminence praised the courage and gallantry of the Iraqi tribes, including the tribes of Albu Massoud and Albu Shibl, valuing the role of the tribes in the face of dictatorship and terrorism all kinds, pointed out that history will document a century that witnessed high coordination during crucial stages. His eminence indicated that challenges might seem difficult but not impossible and "We will overcome the challenges like we had prevailed in the critical challenges that faced Iraq".
Regarding the Al-Hikma National Movement, his eminence indicated " Al-Hikma was born from the womb of challenges," called to go through the list of candidates so that everyone knows the percentage of new faces and level of youth representation as these reflect features of the Al-Hikma National Movement, plus features of patriotism, moderation, vision, plan and women empowerment.