Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in his office in Baghdad met a group of youth leaderships Saturday 10/3/2018
‎His eminence indicated that the relations of the Al-Hikma National Movement with political powers is linked with their involvement with from the political project that the movement believes in, pointed out that the Al-Hikma National Movement does not personalize
‎matters and has a project, and warned of whom are unexperienced, irresponsible and contractors of politics.
His eminence pointed "the elections are a station whose aim is to serve the people". And that the Al-Hikma National Movement is observing and analyzing events and shows his position towards the event, even if the position taken causes a temporary loss, what is important is being honest to God, people and history.
His eminence pointed the rejection Al-Hikma National Movement being praised to denigrate others, negative circulation is not one of the movement's priorities or principles, there are pros and cons in everything, stressed that the Al-Hikma National Movement is characterized by moderation, empowerment of young people and women, the clear program and project, patriotism, and emphasized on field work, providing services to each other and preparing for the upcoming entitlements.