Head of the Al-Hikma National Movement, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, is a speech at Tay tribes gathering at Al-Durah area, Baghdad Friday 27/4/2018 stressed on making a national Iraqi decision stemming from the Iraqi interest, noting that any step taken by Iraq must invoke in the interest of Iraq, pointed out that nationalism of the decision and nationalism in the team and nationalism of interests are all visions of patriotism which is the basis of the Al-Hikma National Movement work in addition to moderation, women's empowerment, empowerment of youth in addition to the clear, technical and practical vision and program.
His eminence rejected all statements that attempt to link the reality of Iraq to the inevitable extent, called to make a fate to be boasted by Iraq and Iraqis, "This is the moment of the decision," indicated that Iraq has a lot of potential and human resources and able to change the reality, urged the citizens to distinguish between electoral programs that are based on planning, figures, studies and quoting experiences of others, and programs that were written hastily for only media consumption and recreate crises.
Regarding the reality of youth, his eminence affirmed that they are the winning bet because they are energy, capacity and competency, noted the experiences from Iraqi reality in which youth were at the forefront and made achievements, and pointed out that caring for and empowering youth does not mean denying the roles of others, but caring for the youth is caring for the society, because today they are the focus of all mothers and fathers, especially the concerns of parents to provide jobs for their children.