The Political Authority of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance held an urgent meeting headed by Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim at his eminence office in Baghdad Tuesday, 25/12/2018
The political Authority considered the occurrence in the parliament meeting on Monday a blatant violation by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives rules of procedure regarding counting votes for ministries candidates, usually a serious situation threatens the stability of parliament performance and make the Council of Representatives dependent on personal goals.
Conferees discussed the clarity of rules of procedure of the Council of Representatives and pointed that counting of the votes is the responsibility of the Council’s Rapporteurs who pass the results to the presidency to announce results, and the council’s presidency word do not determine majority, this destroys the parliamentary system, stressed keenness Reform and Reconstruction Alliance to restore the prestige of the Council of Representatives in accordance with legal contexts making the alliance before open options.
The political Authority affirmed the Alliance’s keenness, through its parliament bloc, to set basis for a proper parliament performance in line with the political changes and demands of the people to eradicate quotas and renounce political encroachments that lead to sectarianism and political tension, and conferees stressed the Council of Representatives should be managed by mechanisms of democracy and freedom of expression, and respect to other opinion, and the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance keenness to success of the Council of Representatives, which is a fundamental element in the process of reform and from the council the establishment of a true reconstruction through legislation and monitoring