Head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, during the masses ceremony marking the Iraqi Martyr Day, the martyrdom of the great Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim (sanctify his soul) at the Al-Khulani Square, Baghdad on the 1st of Rajab Friday 8/3/2019 called on the political powers to work together to develop the existing political system, describing systems that do not respond to development dead and ineffective and stated: "We can not stand idly before the most pressing issues of our people, using the excuse of stalemate and considerations of political consensus ", stressed on reforming the existing imbalance it was a constitutional or administrative, pointed to the end of the" political transition phase " since the results of the elections in 2018 and ended by the great victory achieved by the Iraqis against terrorist Daesh, and compartment of sectarian tensions, and the launch of national projects. On the 1st of Rajab his eminence recalled all martyrs of Iraq, including military, Public Mobilization and Tribal mobilization forces, Peshmerga, the Hawza, and the religious Authority martyrs specially the Sadr, the al-Briujardi and the al-Gharwi and the martyrs of the uprising of Safar and the Shaaban uprising, the martyrs of mass graves, Anfal and Halabcha, martyrs of terrorism, and martyrs of the Yazidis, Christians and Turkmen. "
His eminence called for limiting weapons to the state and law enforcement to all without exception. "The state, which is weaker than its parties, is not a strong state. Anarchism does not produce a state, and sectarian or ethnic parties do not produce a state, the parties should be within the state and not the state within the parties, and work should be done to form parties and national movements", and considered the formation of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance and the Al-Bina Alliance a fundamental step and a strategic change towards action, described the state that can not carry out its duties of security, services and sovereignty failed, exhausted or weak state, Iraq is only to have a strong and capable state. And called on the government to adhere to the priorities set for itself to gain the support the people and peoples’ diverse sectors. And stressed the importance of putting the issues of water, electricity and services, rehabilitation of education, health, agriculture and national industry, reconstruction of liberated areas and areas of liberators, compensation of those affected and combating corruption as top priorities, called upon the government to announce its exact needs from the various sectors of society to gain support and efforts.
His eminence stressed the importance of working together to eliminate the Daesh and similar groups, reiterated his support for the government of Mr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi within these clear priorities "and we will support the government in accomplishing its difficult tasks even we are outside the government formation. And added: " Our support for the government program is not linked to our government presence, we will give enough chance and time for that. Therefore, we will continue to monitor and examine and reproach, and will support our people wherever they are.”, and expressed support for the rapprochement between" Saairun and Al-Fatah " because of its role in strengthening the government and supporting it in order to complete the government cabinet, hoped that the leadership of the two blocs avoid quotas and sharing and consider the interest of the country, advancement of the government and to ensure selecting of honest competent people to run service posts.Regarding the foreign presence in Iraq, his eminence stated, "No foreign military bases, no foreign combatant forces, no foreign dictates, no unilateral axis, no attack on neighboring countries of Iraqi lands and airspace." And recalled that Iraq is a country with sovereignty, open to all, and it should not ally or be aligned with one against another, Iraq fate is to be located in the middle of all and a bridge for the world communication with considerations to Iraq’s interests, warned of absurd wars and conflicts and reckless slogans that did not and will not produce only devastation and destruction for Iraq, called for attention to the situation of Iraqi non-regional provinces, and change its difficult situation in which to rid them of political conflicts and create competition service provision, the councils of the provinces, districts and sub-districts are service councils and should not become a burden on the people, stressed his support for decentralization approved by the Constitution and work to develop and reform the situation of local governments and improve their performance.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim described the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance a national alliance that has independent decision and vision for a radical change and reform of the Iraq's political situation which still unable to provide full legitimate rights to the people in with Iraq’s history and renaissance, indicated that political problem lies in the approach, there is an approach that leads Iraq to be allied and confined to narrow interests and ideas, and there is another approach that takes Iraq to its natural role in the region have control upon its actions and decisions, indicated that this will not be before Iraq being recovered by building a strong state capable of independent and prosperous, a state of institutions, law, efficiency and integrity according to a unified national strategy, and added "the approach of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance is greater than its components, therefore it include for all as long as Iraq follow its conscience and mind. The door of this alliance is open to all who are devoted and keen for the primacy and uplift of Iraq, promised to work on strengthening and politically, electorally and socially promote the alliance until it achieve its goal and intends in completing the state system that is strong and able, independent, loyal and sincere to its people and the soil of the homeland.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called on the political, community and tribal powers, and the popular movement in Basra to agree on an efficient and capable personage from Basra, indicated that the Al-Hikma Movement will support Basra people choice as a governor of Basra in this session and to join all efforts to build Basra and serve its honorable people. And called upon the government for swift respond to investment offers in strategic projects of Basra like the Faw Al-Kabeer port and water desalination project and other projects, which will create a major development revolution and drastically address the problem of services and unemployment to this giving province, and also urged the federal and local governments and national political powers and international organizations for concerted efforts and cooperation to reconstruct Mosul.Regarding the Shahid al-Mihrab (sanctify his soul), his eminence stated : "Shahid al-Mihrab represents the birth of a national project to be pursued by the eyes of Baath and execution and life sentences, to settle and grow in a land other than where was born," addressing the attendees "that project, similar to your project today, was not without demeaning, defamation and mockery and contempt and reached the limit of assassination attempts against him more than (8) times” referring to the Baath's attempt to bury the character of Sayyid al-Hakim before murdering him personally and wanted to abort his project and to dissuade his will, but he rode the horse and climbed the platform of change and influence. His words from abroad Iraq resonate in Baghdad and Basra and the rest of the Iraqi provinces, reminding by saying "but he continued until his last sermon before his martyrdom calling for the unity of the Iraqis and the independence of their political decision and preservation of Iraq's sovereignty and dignity, so if the beginning of Sayyid al-Hakim and his project was in this modality and during these circumstances and if the will of Sayyid al-Hakim was with this ability and rigidity, the (Al-Hikma Project) today is an extension of that project and our will is an extension of that will.”