Head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance,Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in his office in Baghdad, received the head of the Sabean Mandaean community, Mr. Star Jabbar Helou accompanied by deputy of the Yezidi religious authority, Mr. Hadi Baba Sheikh, and father Fa'iz Jarjis, the pastor of the church of Anglican community Wednesday 13/3/2019

His eminence discussed with them the status of Iraqi communities and means of support and empowerment to these components, stressed on fair representation of the Iraqi components in the state apparatus, and optimum benefit from the potentials and competencies of Iraq, indicated that this is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and the law and norms of Iraq.
His eminence also stressed the importance of coexistence, maintaining community peace, resettlement displaced families, compensating the afflicted people and reconstructing the cities, pointed out the importance of unbiased alliances during the current phase and consolidating and institutionalizing alliances in the coming phase, and reiterated his vision towards solutions offered by the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance and the Al-Bina (Building) Alliance as both alliances are considered unbiased to components.