Head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance,Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in his office in Baghdad, received Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Municipalities, Mr. Bangin Rekani Monday 22/4/2019
His eminence stressed the need to develop a time bound technical strategy to address the housing crisis and provide adequate housing for every Iraqi citizen as it represents the most basic rights of citizenship, stressed the need to improve the urban situation in the country, especially in the capital Baghdad, and complete postponed projects to avoid depreciation, causing a waste of public money.
His eminence also discussed with the Minister the developments of service reality and waz briefed about Ministry's plans for housing, reconstruction and the difficulties and challenges facing them.
His eminence pointed to the need to overcome the difficulties in cooperation with other ministries and bureaucracy barrier, and determination to implement the government program in relation to housing and reconstruction projects based on timelines and plans taking into account the priorities of the Iraqi citizen.