Head of the Al-Hikma National Movement, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in his office in Baghdad, received head of the Iraqi Decision Alliance, Mr. Osama al-Nujaifi Wednesday 26/6/2019
His eminence with Nujaifi discussed general developments of the Iraqi political scene, both sides discussed the role of the political opposition in the next phase. His eminence emphasized that the Al-Hikma National Movement opposition is a constitutional constructive opposition aiming to rectify the process not targeting the government, indicated that the Al-Hikma as a parliamentary bloc will work with the remaining blocs to pass important laws, especially those with direct contact with daily lives of the citizen.
His eminence stressed the need to provide services and set an implementation plan, and prioritizing electricity, health and education, and called to commit to the timings set by the government program or the constitution.
His eminence praised the position of the Iraqi Decision Alliance, thag affirmed commitmen and cooperation with the Al-Hikma National Movement, described opposition a courageous step, stressed the importance of communication between the political powers to find solutions for unsettled issues.