Head of the Al-Hikma National Movement, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, expressed his full support for what was mentioned in the speech of the Supreme Religious Authority regarding the public demonstrations, and indicated that Religious Authority showed infinite patriarchal care as it demanded demonstrators and security forces to avoid use of violence and prevent infiltrators, in order to maintain the peaceful demonstrations, and also emphasized that the security officers are sons of the people who most of them participated in liberating the Iraqi soil from Daesh and today are performing their duty to maintain public order.
His eminence highlighted that the Religious Authority emphasis on the legitimate right to demonstrate guaranteed by the Constitution, indicated that was repeatedly stressed by through the Al-Hikma Movement by demanding the provision of safe atmosphere to demonstrate and take maximum self control when on duty, and not to allow chaos and trespassing on public and private property, and maintain peaceful demonstrations, pointed out that warning against slipping into the maze of violence and counter-violence, which will open the way for external interference lurking to harm Iraq, is at the core of the Al-Hikma Movement priority and has always called for it. And indicated that real reform should be done through peaceful means, and it depend on the unity of Iraqis, many of the reforms agreed upon by Iraqis such as fighting corruption and follow strict mechanisms to prosecute the corrupt.
His eminence stated, "We have been, and will continue to believe and call for the need to distribute the wealth of the country in a fair manner by abolishing privileges of senior officials, Members of Parliament and certain categories that exist at the expense of the people, limiting weapons to be controlled by the state, preventing foreign interference in the affairs of the country, and enacting a solid electoral law." and stressed the independence and neutrality of the Justice Committee that the Religious Authority called to assemble to follow up the investigation related to the bloodshed and destruction of property that occurred during demonstrations.