Head of the Al-Hikma National Movement, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, reiterated emphasis on positive opposition to the government, noted that the Al-Hikma National Movement was the forerunner pursuing political opposition to the government before other Iraqi political powers, in the belief that the supervisory and corrective role should exist for the government, and the existence of pro-government and opposition wings to ensure rectitude of the political system.
His eminence expressed his support and commitment to what was raised by the Supreme Religious Authority in Friday sermon 01/11/2019 regarding the current events in the country, especially emphasis on the need to respect the conviction of Iraqis in determining the political and administrative system of their country. And no person, or entity or any regional or international party to has the right to confiscate the will of the Iraqis or impose opinion on them, and reiterated standing with the peaceful demonstrators of the Iraqi people and their legitimate demands, called on them to maintain the peaceful demonstrations and safeguard public and private property, and called on the security services to provide a safe environment for demonstrators and show the highest degree of discipline to make those who want to harm Iraq and Iraqis miss the opportunity.