Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of Iraqiun Alliance, in the presence of the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammed Al-Halbousi, the Governor of Anbar, Mr. Ali Farhan Al-Dulaimi, governorate officials, and the delegation of “Iraqiun” alliance, during his meeting with a group of sheiks and dignitaries of the genuine Anbar province, on Saturday, October 4, 2021, praised the efforts of its sons in combating terrorism and restoring security and safety, Recalling the common history he had with the leaders of clans and tribes since the reference of Imam Sayyid Muhsin Al-Hakeem, "may Allah Sanctify his soul," H.E. also praised the generosity, hospitality, courage, and sacrifices of the people of Anbar, adding, "Patriotism is a feeling before it is a slogan and an ideology that views our country as one unit, our people as one family, and view their land and heritage with sanctity, respect, and reverence,
His Eminence indicated that patriotism is indivisible, so it cannot be patriotic in one issue, and unpatriotic in another,” stressing that Iraq is one and united in its history and loyalty to Islam, and Iraqis are one nation without violating privacy but respects and promotes it, noting that all these titles give Iraqis common national identity.
His Eminence pointed out that sectarianism was not societal, but rather political and that some people work on it to employ and live on it, recalling the steadfast Al-Anbar initiative and the circumstances in which it was presented, stressing that the initiative engraved the title of steadfastness for the city of Anbar, which is the largest governorate in the area and most exposed to terrorism at that time and withstood all challenges and we were with it in any constitutional right for its people, calling for adherence to the origins and the Iraqi societal reality, warning against returning to ground zero, and stressing the need to adhere to the achievements made.
His Eminence stressed the importance of Iraq is characterized by moderation, mediation, and openness to all, as Iraq is a part of the region and its location is destined. We need internal openness between the Iraqi component and openness to all in a way that ensures its interests. H.E. recalled the proposals of Al-Hikma National Movement over the Iraqi crisis and illustrated that Al-Hikma movement proposed reconsidering the social and political pact without sinning the past or drowning in it. And the importance of preparing for the future, as well as recalling the cross-component alliance with the presence of the political powers in an alliance that represents everyone and another cross-component. Both compete before the Iraqi citizen. If it succeeds the trust will be renewed, if one fails, the other gains the trust. This alliance will address the state of political chaos represented by the large multi-party system.
His Eminence called for a separation between the state powers and moderation and the non-state powers and extremism, adding that the decisive factor in the separation is not by looking at the slogans, rather by looking at the behavior and its impact, so any party that is strengthened by the strength of the state is a state power, and any party that is strengthened by the weakness of the state is one of the non-state powers. H.E. held everyone responsible for supporting the state powers and moderation to end the state of confusion.
His Eminence stressed the need for national sovereignty, national decision-making, and limiting external interference and private internal agendas that reinforce divisions to achieve political gains, calling on clan and social powers to adopt a comprehensive national dialogue by geographical and social diversity, a dialogue that stems from clan leaders. clans are an institution for all, if it takes sides, it loses their status and influenceHis Eminence Emphasized managing diversity and investing Iraqi diversity in enhancing Iraq’s position regionally and internationally, as well as empowering young people and taking into account their percentage and position in society. H.E. also stressed that services should be kept away from the political scramble, and that competition to provide the positives. H.E. also emphasized achieving economic development, stressing the experience of Anbar and its urban renaissance, praising the efforts of everyone who contributed to achieving this.