Sayyid Ammar al-Hakeem, head of the National Iraqi Alliance, considered targeting Arbil airport and endangering civilians as a crime in the holy month of Ramadan. his eminence tweeted on Thursday 15/4/2021, “We followed with great concern the security breach in the Kurdistan region represented by targeting Erbil International Airport. These condemned provocations are an assurance of the existence of destructive agendas targeting the security and stability of the country, warning of the danger of targeting public facilities and exposing civilians to danger, stressing that this is a crime in the virtuous month of the sacred months. Thus, requires commitment in order to spread an atmosphere of peace and compassion instead of fighting, conflict and terrorizing people. His Eminence called for an immediate investigation and revealing the party behind these acts of sabotage and their agendas that aims at targeting state institutions, indicating that they have negative effects on the confidence of the international community in the Iraqi state.