Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of Al-Hikma National Movement, mourned His Eminence, Sheikh Hameed Maaleh Al-Saadi, head of the general committee of the movement, and his eminence tweeted on Sunday 2/5/2021, “With hearts filled with content towards the act and judgment of Allah Almighty, and we live in the painful memory of the martyrdom of the Leader of Faithful Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him), we mourn to The Iraqi people, especially the sons of Al-Hikma National Movement, the death of the loyal companion of the path, the faithful and loyal, head of the general committee and a member of the political bureau in Al-Hikma National Movement, Proof of Islam and Muslims (Hujjat Al-Islam wel Muslimeen), Sheikh Hamed Maaleh Al-Saadi, who passed away due to the complications of the Coronavirus after a lifetime spent fighting the dictatorship and serving the cause of the homeland and the people in the fields of Jihad, politics and the media.
His Eminence, indicated that the late deceased was distinguished by his calmness, moderation, rational discourse in presenting issues, discussion, and dialogue, and he was known for his dedication to the love of Iraq and its people from his early youth, through his membership in the House of Representatives, to his involvement in the tireless work in the political bureau of Al-Hikma movement, praying to the Most High Allah Almighty is to dwell in the late in the highest heaven and rest his pure spirit with his vast mercy and inspire us and his generous family, his dear Tribe and his loved ones, patience, and solace.