In the anniversary of the departure of the late President of the republic Mr. Jalal Talabani on Sunday, October 3, 2021, His Eminence, Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of the National State Powers Alliance, recalled the late virtues and bright ideas, and said that he is a great teacher that his wisdom and experience is still present to this day. H.E. calling to remember his national path that contributed greatly to saving Iraq and unifying the word to overcome the strongest of storms and crises.
His Eminence at the anniversary: “Mam Jalal was the president of all Iraqis, with no exception for national, religion, or sect. He was not only the president of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan but also the president and brother of all political powers and parties. He was present and active in whatever he deemed supportive for the path of national cohesion and the promotion of community peace, rebuilding the state, and preserving its prestige and the sovereignty of its constitution, as well as the safety valve for all Iraqis to maintain unity and ranks closed.”
His Eminence called everyone, including the brothers in the Kurdistan Region to evoke the practical national values that the late leader Mam Jalal followed, for he never dealt with the Baghdad government from the angles of peer and national competition. He believed that the stability of Iraq and its government is the stability of the Kurdistan region. And that the crises, no matter how severe and intensified, the solutions are present in the minds of the brothers and the sons of the same home.
It was from the insight and wisdom of Mam Jalal that there should be a single paper that encompasses the concepts and problems of the partners on any political issue and that unifying opinions and positions, in and of itself, is considered an entry for effective and practical solutions to preserve the interests of Iraq and its people.  H.E. called upon everyone to answer the call of the Supreme Reference represented by Imam Al-Sistani “may Allah extend his life” for broad, effective, and conscious participation in the elections and select those who are within the national criteria that the Supreme Religious Reference had referred to in the statement. H.E. adding, the results of the elections, regardless of their impact among the political powers, should not be a reason to delay or postpone the formation of a strong government capable of achieving the interests of Iraqis and their aspirations for a dignified and honored life.
His Eminence pointed out that the political equations based on secret deals and alliances of special interests are no longer feasible at this delicate phase, and that all should bear the responsibility to prevent the collapse of the existing political system and deliver the system to safety and prevent attempts to drift it from the path of societal legitimacy, and prevent its collapse, as its collapse will do good to no one, and no one will be safe. What happens in Baghdad will have repercussions in the Kurdistan region and all of Iraq will be alike. 
His Eminence affirmed that there is no alternative to support the state and preserve its prestige and sovereignty, and this support is not limited to a single component. Rather, it is the responsibility of us all, and the sovereignty of the state must be present in every inch of the land of Iraq, with no exceptions for a city over another, for the security of Erbil is the same as the security of Basra and Baghdad.
His Eminence stated that he entrusts our brothers in the Kurdistan region will be loyal to the path of the late leader Mam Jala in word’s unison and putting Iraq’s interest above all else. Also paying attribute to the rules of partnership and the constructive and true alliances among the partners of the one path in facing the cruel dictatorship.