Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed that the national initiatives which he announced during the short past period were not motivated by personal, party or political interests, and they did not come to tease the sentiments and feelings of the masses, explaining that announcing these initiatives came from the responsibility to build a state that respects its people first of all and, second, respects itself and imposes respect for it on others.
 The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq explained during his speech in the Cultural Forum on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 that the “Basra: Iraq’s Economy Capital” project was motivated by the desire to raise the standard of the Iraqi economic reality through strategic steps without which no real economy can be achieved for Iraq. He added saying that looking at an important and pivotal governorate, one that is neglected and ignored although it had a great role in the past in sketching Iraq’s history, will have a great role in drawing the future of Iraq, and it is the reason for the initiative for the rehabilitation of Misan. He drew attention to these initiatives were not media crackles to keep the public opinion busy for several days. Rather, they were realistic and practical initiatives that stem from the actual need of important segments of the Iraqi society besides being messages of hope for the Iraqi citizens in the midst of this sense of despair and hopelessness which started finding itself to the souls. He pointed out to the announcement by His Eminence of a childhood development and care fund in Iraq was aimed at building a future society that is more aware, more realizing of its responsibilities towards this homeland.
His Eminence emphasized that firming the relationship between people and their homeland is not achieved save through spreading justice, equity, the solving of people’s problems, taking care of serving and looking after them as well as solving their issues. He stressed that “These national initiatives can make the citizens feel that we care about them and about their affairs and provide for them whatever we can in order to put their dreams and ambitions in the position of realization and achievement.”