His Eminence, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has stressed that the Iraqi reality is not distant from the major transformations and dangers that face the region and the world because it is not a distant island. His eminence stressed in his speech, which he delivered during his reception of a large crowd of tribal heads and sheikhs as well as dignitaries of the sacred Kerbala governorate at his Baghdad office on Saturday, October 20, 2012, that the transformations that have taken place in several Arab countries, in addition to the countries that await the arrival of the winds of change, are not distant from Iraq because it is part of this environment and is affected by it. His Eminence called on the Iraqis to be fully ready and vigilant in order to face the possible dangers, and that the visions have to be united and so will the methods for dealing with these dangers.
His Eminence pointed out that Iraq cannot be an exception and is not an island that is distant from the world. It is part of this environment, and the facts that go on around us affect us and we affect them. Also, these dangers and fires that may reach the Iraqi home require the Iraqis to be fully ready and vigilant to face these dangers. They must unite their word and vision as well as method of dealing with these dangers. He at the same time explained that Iraq is not incapable of facing the challenges which the coming and future events impose because it enjoys intellectual capabilities, human resources and riches which enable us to fortify the Iraqi home and to extend a helping hand to the other nations and countries to resolve their problems. He pointed out that the Arab League announced through its General Secretary, Nabil al-Arabi, that the initiative which Iraq launched to solve the Syrian dossier is the best and most mature to solve the Syrian crisis. His Eminence stressed that Iraq is not biased to any contesting side in the Syrian crisis as much as it is biased to the truth, to the peoples and to the nations.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq pointed out that this situation requires Iraq to solve its domestic problems by putting the right person in the right place and stressed that the Movement of the Martyr of the Niche adheres to this policy because it expresses the Iraqi unity which incorporates various colors and spectrums of the Iraqi people.
On the other hand, His Eminence called on the politicians to struggle towards what serves the people, not for positions and jobs, and to try to carry out and adopt the initiatives which he launched, whether in the Misan governorate or before it in Basra, for work programs without paying attention to the entity that launches the initiatives, and not to politicize these initiatives, and not to develop sensitivities towards them but to use them as stations that compete on serving the citizen and for racing to serve and to provide the greatest service to the citizens. His Eminence regarded this as his ultimate pursuit. His Eminence also explained that he would be among those who strongly support the entity that will carry out these initiatives.
His Eminence expressed his thanks and appreciation of the tribes’ role during the past years which expressed responsibility towards the citizens, expressing a spirit towards what the citizen aspires, in addition to preventing the contemptible sectarian sedition via the communications which went on among the heads of tribes in all parts of the country.
His Eminence also listened in the meeting to explanations from the attendants for the situation in the governorate and the problems from which it suffers. He became acquainted with the dossier of services, the security situation and the local conditions there.