Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has stressed the need for the attention of all political contenders in Iraq to be directed at the highest religious authority (Marji`iyya) which has presented a deep stance in dealing with the current crisis. This stance has stressed rejection of underestimating its depth, stressing that recognition of the problem is a cause and an important venue for the solution, for its treatment, and that the origins of this crisis are primarily domestic.
This came up during the speech which His Eminence delivered during the sixth annual honoring festival for the “Iraq Intifada (uprising)” bloc which falls under the umbrella of the Citizen’s coalition slate, held on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at Baghdad’s National Theater to honor some leaders of the Iraqi army and national police on the occasion of their founding.
His Eminence explained that the Supreme Council supports every constitutional and legal step to resolve the current crisis, adding, “We are with the constitution and with the law and with everything the constitution dictates in its broad scopes and wide fairness to the citizens.” He explained that the constitution emphasizes the right to peacefully demonstrate, that it is not right to prevent people from demonstrating and from making their statement in a peaceful and civilized way.”
His Eminence stressed standing with the true, constitutional and legal demands of the citizens of Iraq, pointing out to the existence of injustices and mistakes which must be admitted and determined then treated. He explained that it is not a shame to make a mistake, but it is a shame to ignore the mistake or repeat it or insisting on it, emphasizing the necessity of undertaking the measures that ensure the treatment of mistakes. He drew attention to people who may be innocent without a clear indictment and who still are in prison, stressing the necessity of undertaking swift measures to release them since it is the right of every citizen who is not indicted, and that a defendant is innocent until he is proven guilty.
His Eminence also pointed out that there are slogans that carry a sectarian and instigating tone, an unsuitable talk that takes place here or there, which must be dealt with and must be condemned; it must be rejected by everyone. He stressed his rejection of slogans that adopt a sectarian tone and of norms of conduct that undermine national harmony and the Iraqi national unity, describing them as unacceptable, and that such wrong norms of behavior must be condemned wherever they take place and whoever is responsible for them without making any distinction between one area and another.
His Eminence explained that there are sound steps and achievements being made by the government, calling on the Iraqi citizens to appreciate them and to take them into consideration since this encourages the government to undertake more steps that serve the citizens, expressing his appreciation of the responsible stances adopted by the demonstrators, theologians and tribes in keeping the national interest in mind. He described the statement of the Accountability and Justice Commission, which looks into the dossier of 38,000 persons covered by the Accountability and Justice, in one month and solves their problems according to the law as a step in the right direction for resolving the problem, drawing attention to such steps must be received well, accepted and appreciated by the demonstrators so they may encourage the government to complete these good steps in achieving everything which is right for the members of the Iraqi people. He explained that working in such reality and sound objectivity can treat these crises and bring back harmony, accord and love, stressing that there is no way except that all Iraqis become one hand through their affiliation with this beloved homeland.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed that the National Alliance is exerting exhausting efforts to produce ideas and realistic solutions in order to solve the current crisis, urging the partners in the political process to give the Alliance a chance and to help mature practical solutions and results that please everyone. He also explained that there is insistence in all meetings held with the Alliance on this harmony, on this unity, on achieving all true, constitutional and legal demands and on the trend of the highest religious authority.