Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has called on all Iraqi groups to adorn themselves with patience, self-control, fair and equitable evaluation which sees the truth in all its parts and sets out of what is available to achieve the anticipated ambitions via a realistic and subjective outlook, stressing that the Iraqi nation in all its stances and spectrums will remain a basic element and a quantum addition in the Iraqi rose bouquet with various flowers and aromas.
This came up in his speech on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 during the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet at His Eminence's Baghdad office.
His Eminence renewed his support and backing for every constitutional and legal venue, pointing out in this regard to his support for peaceful demonstrating to express an opinion as the citizens' right which the constitution has guaranteed, urging the demonstrators to prevent intruders from penetrating their ranks from among those who raise slogans or undertake norms of conduct or submit ceilings of demands that are distant from the trend of the Iraqi citizens. He renewed his call on the Iraqi government and the committee specialized in looking into the demonstrators' demands to speed up the addressing of all legitimate demands as soon as possible.
His Eminence also called on the parliamentary blocs to quickly ratify the needed amendments for a number of laws which would open the road towards solving a number of problems and to release the prisoners in case there are no clear evidence proving their indictment for committing crimes against the Iraqi citizens. He stressed that the killers and terrorists from al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations, which have shed the blood of the Iraqis, must not receive any leniency, and no group has the right to issue a decision on behalf of the Iraqi people and its shed blood.
His Eminence called on the Iraqi Slate and its members of parliament to reconsider the decision about their attendance of meetings of both cabinet and parliament so they would not miss the opportunity to solve the problems as quickly as possible and in a democratic way in order to strengthen and firm the traditions of the democratic work in the country, explaining that the solutions for the standing crisis must be a domestic Iraqi one distantly from foreign interferences. He expressed his conviction that the Iraqis are capable of meeting their challenges if the souls are pure, if there is a true will, and if they sit at the dialogue table to debate with flexibility and realism.
His Eminence also called for preventing the Iraqi army from being involved in the political contentions from all sides and to keep this institution within its national missions so it may be a real safety valve that prevents the country from drifting into the unknown, stressing that the religious Marji`iyya (highest religious authority), due to its wisdom and defense of the rights of all Iraqis, represents a comfort axis for everyone, drawing attention to the Marji`iyya having provided subjective and deep recommendations that guarantee the resolving of the crisis if they are adopted by all groups.