Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has stressed that the citizen is the master of the situation and is the one who determines his fate. He is the one who chooses the team that administers his affairs and serves him. He stressed that serving the citizen is not a motto but a clear vision that stands at the entitlements of this stage from the political, security, economy, development, service, cultural and scientific standpoints, explaining that the Citizen Bloc exerted many efforts to mature an integrated vision from which plans and projects result that ensure serving the homeland and the citizen.
This came up during the official announcement of the Citizen Alliance which bears the No 411 for the governorate council elections. The announcement was made at the office of His Eminence in Baghdad on Saturday, March 2, 2013 in the presence of a large crowd of candidates and leaderships of the Citizen Alliance.
His Eminence explained that going to the ballot boxes in a broad way represents the faith of the Iraqi citizens in the new political system and the victory of the will and of the citizens’ rights, hinting that the basis is to work to reach positions of serving the citizens and not seeking power, position and benefit. He expressed the hope to be enabled to serve the citizens in all their components.
His Eminence pointed out in his speech that the housing crisis and unemployment represent the two complex problems that need serious treatment, determination and the mobilization of energies as well as focusing on solving them. There are many other problems that are connected to both of them. He stressed the necessity of openness on investments and on supporting the market economy and opening the field for serious competition in a broad movement that ensures investment in the right way without exhausting the state budget.
His Eminence also drew attention to the rigging subject as representing a basic concern in every electoral process, calling for these elections to be transparent and clear and that they would ensure and protect people’s votes.