Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has called on all Iraqis to deal fully seriously with the dangers that threaten the lives of the Iraqis as a result of the instigating and inciting address which plants grudge and hatred in the souls, regarding the word as a responsibility, stressing the necessity of accepting the arbitration of the language of logic and to recognize the realities, to be tolerant and to coexist so everyone will receive his rights in the shade of the Divine law and the laws that are based on the constitution, explaining that everyone is now before a historic intersection and test, that success in this test is the responsibility of everyone. The future generations will judge their carrying out their responsibilities. He stressed that the sound treatment of the crises is not by crossing them but by dealing with their roots, pointing out to Iraq's need for political stability which is everyone's responsibility. This came up in the speech which His Eminence delivered at the 16th general conference for the Islamic Da`wah Party in Baghdad on Thursday, March 14, 2013.
His Eminence explained that solving all the problems facing us must be Iraqi: Imported solutions will not achieve security and stability in the land; rather, they fuel the fire. He stressed the necessity of building an Iraq that is strong in its people, culture, knowledge and economy. He stressed that Iraq must set out forward not only to perform its historic role in the human life but also for the sake of man's dignity and for achieving full rights. He drew attention to Iraq's experiences pointing out to the security and political stability as two basic factors in achieving progress and building countries. He explained that Iraq is a multi-racial country, multi-sects and multi-creeds, calling for building a solid base for peaceful coexistence based on the teachings of the heavens that have stressed that people, humans, are brothers of one another, and to the law that prohibits aggression and the dissemination of hatred.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in his speech, pointed out to investment and the attracting of capitals, tackling unemployment, providing work opportunities and dealing with problems of young graduates as well as erecting the infrastructures, services, scientific and technological renaissance, sustained and comprehensive development as well as the national and Islamic culture are all matters that are in one way or another connected to the political and security stability in the country. He regarded the firming of the free elections which express the will of man and his freedom in the parties and assemblies as a sign of good health, pointing out to the elections within parties and assemblies is a practice that is fully harmonious with the reality of the political system in Iraq. He explained that the practice of democracy, of man practicing his freedom of expression and of choice within the party and political organizations allow these organizations to continue and grant them strength, contrarily to the theory of despotism which leads to gradual shrinking and extinction. He explained that differences in visions and ideologies among humans is a way of life, stressing that the ability of the political system is manifested in collecting the numerous opinions and steering them in the direction of achieving the goals and legitimate ambitions. Such is the philosophy of affiliation, he said. He warned against the confiscation or ideas or marginalizing them for the benefit of one leading idea since such a confiscation leads the organization to the authority of the single ideology.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim explained that the Da`wah Party conference is held in difficult circumstances through which the country is passing, expressing his confidence that the conferees realize the size of the challenges which the political system in Iraq is facing, stressing the dire need for working towards firming the democratic practice in Iraq and turning it into a deeply rooted culture among our citizens, regarding plurality as the fate of the Iraqis: Not admitting it is the reason that led past regimes to inflict injustices on the Iraqi individuals, to assaulting his identity and confiscating his legitimate rights.
His eminence lauded the Islamic Da`wah Party as a staunch party, as old as the caravans of the martyrs, one that resisted the despotic and dictatorial regimes and tried to achieve freedom, independence, national honor and dignity. It embraced a group of strugglers who sacrificed everything precious for the sake of letting the word of Allah supersede and in support of the homeland. He called for sticking to their path and to adopt it one generation after another, expressing his hope on the new generation, that of the new callers, to rise the message-related reality, to build the souls and the homelands along the path of the first generation.