Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has called for supporting the issue of the mass graves so it may undertake the space suitable for it on the legislative, executive, judicial, media and other levels and not deal with it as a purely political issue due to its being a humanitarian issue. He explained that the issue of the mass graves has won a the serious attention of the Supreme Council where all dossiers relevant to it were carried after the Sha`ban uprising of 1991 directly to be displayed in all international assemblies in order to acquaint them with the extent of injustice and suffering of the Iraqi people during the rule of the past regime.
This came up during his sponsorship of the general conference for the mass graves crime which was held at the Baghdad office of His Eminence on Thursday, March 21, 2013 in the presence of many ministers, representatives of people in the parliament, clerics and a large crowd of citizens.
His Eminence stressed the necessity for the parliament rising in the mission of issuing legislations that can regard the mass graves crime as a genoside crime and a crime against humanity as well as incriminating anyone who takes it lightly or casts doubt about it. His Eminence called for setting up monuments for the mass graves’ martyrs besides working on issuing the amendments submitted by the ministry of human rights to Law No. 5 for the year 2006 and to generously compensate the relatives of the martyrs of the mass graves for the psychological and material damages incurred on them as a result of this crime, stressing the necessity of looking after them and preparing work opportunities for their sons, demanding the ministry of higher education and scientific research to provide free seats in higher studies and to involve them in development scholarships outside and inside Iraq.
His Eminence urged both ministries of education and higher education to include the mass graves tragedy in the educational and scholastic curricula and to call on the concerned ministries, such as those of health, defense, interior and environment as well as the martyrs foundation and the human rights commission to cooperate with the ministry of human rights to provide the necessary facilities to discover the mass graves, calling on the Iraqi government to undertake its role in setting up several laboratories for DNA tests in order to identify the victims, rehabilitate specialized national cadres in this regard, focus efforts on opening all mass graves throughout Iraq, earmarking the necessary budgets and increasing the numbers of work teams commissioned to undertake this mission in order to prepare a data base for all mass graves martyrs.
On the social level, His Eminence stressed the importance of spotlighting the mass graves crime and setting up workshops to explain the negative impact of this crime on the Iraqi society. His Eminence called on civil society organizations to undertake their role in disseminating the culture of preserving the mass graves and about what the citizens should do if a mass grave is discovered in order to complete the aspects of the vision which aims at tackling the mass graves issue.
His Eminence explained that the Iraqi nation has always been, it still is and shall always represent the oldest human gathering, the riches and the more versatile and open among world countries, explaining that the Supreme Council and the Movement of the Martyr of the Niche raised the slogan of “the modern fair state,” explaining that there is no sense for the fair modern state if it does not respect the particularity of the Iraqi diversity and differences and does not set out of the unity of the Iraqi soil and the full equality among all Iraqis in the citizenship rights, one which firms human rights, dignity and the right to positive difference which manifests itself at the polling boxes. He explained that the first step to work for all of this is to come out of the narrow and Unitarian interpretations and to respect our viewpoints of the reality towards various issues. He stressed that any action or movement in the direction of casting one color or one norm of conduct on the rest of components and spectrums is a behavior which must not be adopted because it leads to no positive outcomes, and the greatest loser in it will be the homeland and the citizen.
On the conference’s sideline, His Eminence reviewed the photo exhibit which the ministry of human rights held and which documents the crimes of the past regime in the mass graves where there are documents, identification cards and clothes which were buried with the victims in a way which permits no doubt in the barbarism of the regime and in its blood thirsty nature which surpassed all crimes of modern times.