Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), has discussed with a delegation from the political board of the Sadrist Movement a number of topics that concern the political forces boycotting the meetings of both parliament and cabinet.
His Eminence expressed, during his meeting at his Baghdad office on Thursday, March 28, 2013, a delegation from the political board of the Sadrist Movement which included Mr. Karrar al-Khafaji, head of the board, and the head of the Ahrar Bloc, member of parliament Bahaa al-Araji, his hope that the efforts undertaken by both sides will be fruitful during the coming days with the return of these forces to the meetings of both parliament and cabinet in order to practice their role especially in the parliament since it is the important institution which must play an important and essential role in this sensitive phase of the country's history. His Eminence stressed that crises are not dealt with withdrawing and boycotting the government and the parliament; rather, they are treated with sincere and constructive dialogue, calling on the political partners to place the interest of the homeland above other differences of opinion and viewpoints.
His Eminence also pointed out to the importance of holding the elections as one of the rights of the Iraqi people and removing the obstacles and difficulties that block the way of undertaking this process. His Eminence stressed the creating of a legitimate competition within atmospheres of democracy and not permit political miscarriage, and the emphasis on educating the voters about how to practice their constitutional right.
On his part, the head of the parliamentary Ahrar Bloc, Bahaa al-Araji, stressed that both sides should come out with some suggestions and recommendations which will be studied in the National Alliance then discussed with the Kurdish Alliance and the Iraqi Slate in order to end the current crisis which has started casting its negative shadows on the Iraqi street.