Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Iraq Islamic Supreme Council called on the blocs that have boycotted the parliament and the council of ministers to return and join them, assuring that the formation of future provincial councils with competent and organized teams serves and comforts citizens.
His Eminence made his statement during a meeting with Ousama al-Nujaifi, Head of Parliament and head of the Coaltion “Muttahidoun-United” in the latter’s Baghdad bureau on –Saturday 27-04-2013.
Al-Hakim stressed it is important that the blocs fulfill the promises it had launched in its electoral campaigns. He explained that the coming phase requires cooperation rather than competition, adding that wider participation is required for a bigger chance to win.
His Eminence noted that he and al-Nujaifi condemn the latest targeting of security forces in al-Anbar and other regions. He assured that ongoing meetings ease the public and puts an end to escalation.
For his part, al-Nujaifi pointed out that his meeting with Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim was based on further research in future alliance in the provincial councils. He underscored that proximity among the Civilian Coalition and the United Coalition puts the basis of strong successful partnership. He also called on all parliamentary blocs to be active and positive in the parliament, also in setting important laws.
It is worth mentioning that that a number of United Coalition attended the meeting, among which were Ayad al-Samerai and Salman al-Jamil