In a speech delivered in commemoration of the birthday of Fatima Zahra (AS) and in the occasion of the Iraqi Women's Day in his office in Baghdad on Saturday, May 4, 2013, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said the desecration of graves is not only condemned by Muslims and the divine religions but also by the entire humankind, holding the takfiri movements and the states sponsoring them responsible for these shameful acts which are intended to drive people to clashes and unlimited blood shedding.  
His Eminence described the desecration of the mausoleum of the majestic companion, Hujr Ibn Adi, in Damascus as painful, lamentable news, and as the most horrible and widest aspect of authoritarianism, wondering how do those oppressors want to control the entire mankind to their liking and according to how they estimate things and contain non-Muslims while they are unable to contain even the sect to which they belong and how can those pretend saving the Syrians from a political authoritarianism when in fact they are subjecting them to a behavioral and doctrinal authoritarianism and are controlling every detail in people's life.
His Eminence also maintained that such acts and other similar acts may take Muslims to unwanted consequences, holding again the supporting and sponsoring countries which turn blind eye to such acts fully responsible for the complications.