Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, assured that Iraqi people are determined to keep and maintain the unity of their country with all its citizens, sects, and ethnic groups, stressing the importance of solidarity and readiness to face all forms of challenges and dangers no matter how big they are. 
This came in his speech on the occasion of Imam Ali (AS) birth ceremony in his office in Baghdad Wednesday, 22/5/2013, in which he showed that what is happening these days is not a breach of security in different regions, as it has previously been, rather a planned and organized fierce attack, explaining that that the major purpose of such attack is not only to topple the government or exert pressure on a specific sect, but also to destroy the country and the state as a whole.
Sayyid Ammar Hakim declared that attacking the groupings of innocent citizens in most of Iraqi provinces and all over the country mean that the enemies of Iraq have the criminal logistic power in most parts of the country, offend and assault sanctities, kill innocent people and shed pure blood. He remarked that the fact that those assaults and fierce attacks hit such high levels is something that requires all of us to say a word of truth for the history and the next generations, and that we should not remain silent in face of this serious situation at the expense of citizens’ security and lives.  
His Eminence also urged for taking action, first on field where the government with all its apparatuses and the security forces are required to fulfill their obligations by maintaining security in the country, putting an end to the bloodshed, and chasing terrorists, and second through political moves consisting of adopting a unified rhetoric against terrorism and terrorists. Moreover, he urged all the country forces to unite and get over their political conflicts no matter how deep and big they are.