Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said terrorism and violence, of any form, are targeting everybody, nor only as individuals, but also as components, which requires a firm and clear position against terrorism and against the terrorist and sectarian calls which aim to tear up Iraq and its people.
In a speech delivered during the symbolic meeting of the political leaders held in his office in Baghdad Saturday, 1/6/2013, his Eminence called for fighting any thought espousing, inciting to, favoring, promoting or justifying racism, terrorism, takfirism or sectarian cleansing, particularly Saddam's Baath party. He has also urged everybody to fight all forms of terrorism and to protect the Iraqi territories from becoming a stronghold, passage or field for terrorist acts.
Moreover, his Eminence underlined the necessity that arms remain only in the possession of the State since it solely has the responsibility to maintain the security of the country and the citizens and that the Iraqi armed forces and security apparatuses be composed of different segments of the Iraqi people in such a way that ensures its balance and homogeneity without discrimination or exclusion, work under the civil power and defend the country and the citizens, but without being a tool to crack down on the Iraqi people. "Militias are not allowed to be formed outside the armed forces", he remarked.
"Law needs to prevail, the people should be the source of legislations, Iraqis must be equal before law without discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, origin, color, religion, denomination, doctrine or opinion, and the judicial authority must be independent", his Eminence said. According to him, all kinds of psychological and physical torture and inhuman behavior must be prohibited. "It is useless to admit coercion, intimidation and torture", he added.