Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the symbolic meeting lately held between the political leaders in his office was a great success, appraising the attendance of all the political parties which were personally present or represented. His Eminence maintained that the meeting aimed at ending the political deadlock, promoting appeasement and providing positive environment for dialogue, not to settle all the problems of Iraq. He indicated that the meeting was not a personal act undertaken by him, yet it was made through the diligent efforts of the leaders of Iraq and reflected a high responsibility to this country and people in order to reach a global vision and well defined solutions that please all blocs and components and achieve a state of national harmony. He also explained that the disagreement with the State of Law coalition on the formation of the local governments is not a prologue to discord, describing the alliance with the coalition as strong one that evoked the public interests. This came during a speech delivered by his Eminence during the ceremony of held on the occasion of the Bi'tha of the Prophet (PBUSH) and the  the Isra and Mi'raj in his Eminence's office in Baghdad Saturday, 8/6/2013.  
Everyone Is Invited to Participate in the Bold Dialogue
His Eminence stressed that the Supreme Council does not lack distinctions and will support all initiatives, including that of Sayyid Khozaei, as well as it will encourage all bodies to make them successful. He called the political forces to achieve the symbolic meeting by numerous steps in order to complete the intended project and participate in the bold dialogue so as to achieve national harmony. He also underlined the importance of restricting disputes within the meetings and keeping them away from media because the political process is on the move and the opinions and positions are changeable. He also showed that publicizing disputes makes politicians prisoners of public opinion, which delays solutions and makes them more complex, and he called on the political forces to apply pressure on their representatives to stop the statements not conforming to the national interest. He described these statements as mess and considered that democracy is a commitment and not a mess, and hoped that politicians continue to take part in bilateral and trilateral meetings and not to sit in their home waiting for other initiatives. Sayyid al-Hakim stressed on the importance that the political bodies suggest solutions and not only  raise problems. To him, some do not give solutions, for they are convinced that others will not listen and if others do not listen, the people is there to listen and evaluate. He also called on the executive authorities to provide the right environment for decision-making for politicians because the government decisions are binding to all and matter everyone. Moreover, he highlighted the necessity of issuing a media honor code which puts social media on the front defense line of the political process and the peaceful co-existence among all the elements of society and the national harmony, considering that the public opinion is the most important tool to  establishe democracy. He pointed out that it is important to draw red lines for every media channel that incites sectarianism, and that it is necessary to draw a roadmap to consider the demands of protestors in all provinces as well as to explain the causes for the public.     
A Strong Alliance with the State of Law Coalition Evoking the Public Interests
His Eminence made clear that time is running out for the formation of the local government, and that an agreement has been signed with the State of Law coalition to form a harmonious team and to be open to all political forces. "The agreement was central so as to avoid any conflict between the committees and for the roles to be clearly distributed", he stated. "The absence of the majority has prompted us to advise the local governments to reach an agreement". He added that Al Ahrar Bloc is the other partner and it is essential to reach an agreement with it. In addition, he explained that the disagreement with the State of Law coalition on a central alliance is not an introduction to a discord, reiterating that the alliance between the Citizen Alliance and the State of Law is strong and has evoked the public interests.  
The Nukhayb Crime, an Attempt to Separate between the Iraqi Provinces
The head of the Supreme Council considered that the attack against the travelers in Nukhayb as attempt to separate between the Iraqi provinces, which is the first step towards division, calling for understanding the messages and motives and addressing the citizens of Nukhayb by saying that the motive behind such crime is to separate between the Iraqi regions. He also stressed the necessity of facing such messages with a united position, saying anyone who wants to divide Iraq would support terrorists and appraising the efforts made by the security apparatuses to chase and arrest the terrorists and to uphold the national unity.  
Monotheism, Ethics and Knowledge Are the Characteristics of the Islamic Project 
According to his Eminence, the Bi'tha of the Prophet (PBUH) is the starting point of the Islam project. "The Isra is the scope of this project while the Mi'raj is the compass", he said. The fact that the message of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last indicates the rationality of the humankind. It is characterized by the monotheism it made a living issue the man deals with in his daily life and conduct, the ethics, the basic rule in Islam and the essence of legislation, and the knowledge and education for which the Islam calls and which are the basis of differentiation between people.