Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called for creating an establishment for the Mujahideen as that of prisoners and of martyrs, stressing the necessity of enacting a law that considers the Mujahideen's acts against the ex-regime as legal acts of jihad to topple the dictator. He also pointed out that it is a priority to put all the demands of the Iraqi people in one basket and answer them all at once so that everyone gets his rights, and that it is necessary to amend law 91 so as to cover all the Mujahidden. This came in a speech delivered in the 4th conference of the Committee of the Mujahideen Affairs in Baghdad Monday 10/6/2013.
His Eminence also underlined the need to keep the culture of jihad alive by transforming the heroic acts of Mujahideen into written works and then adapting them into plays or literary works in order to introduce them to the next generations. In his opinion, one must take advantage of the expertise of Mujahideen in fighting terrorism and maintaining security given their wide experience in confronting the most despotic ruler ever. Moreover, he called to watch over the regions, parents and sons of Mujahideen through scholarships and opportunities to follow higher studies. "The Mujahideen in the Marshes and in other regions fought with honor, called off many of their operations to avoid bloodshed and refrained from attacking the vital facilities for they knew that these were the properties of the people, not the regime", he said. His Eminence also remarked, "there is no comparison between those Mujahideen and those pretending to undertake jihad acts when they are in fact killing and slaughtering peoples in streets in the name of jihad and devastating the vital facilities and infrastructures". He finally said the Mujahideen used arms with great professionalism and high concentration, considering their jihad operations as purposeful since they were aware of their priorities and defined them .