The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyed Ammar Al Hakim, stressed the necessity of not marginalizing any political bloc in forming local governments. His Eminence, who received on Thursday, June 20th, 2013, at his Baghdad office, the leader within the Iraqiya Bloc, Abdul Karim Al Samarrai, appreciated the results of the recent provincial elections. He considered that elections result in a peaceful change of authority and peaceful living among the constituents of Iraq and called not to marginalize any political bloc in the formation of the new local governments.
For his part, Al Samarrai assured that the alliance in some local governments among the Citizen, Ahrar and Mutahidoun blocs has positively affected the masses at all levels. Al Samarrai added in a press conference held after the meeting with the Head of the Supreme Council: “We are seeking to strengthen this alliance and expand it in the future at all levels”, indicating that this alliance will reflect positively on ensuring an efficient working environment for the Parliament. 
Were also discussed the important political issues such as the new local governments and the importance of maintaining cooperation between the two sides to best serve citizens in the provinces, in addition to the issue of enacting laws and amending others throughout the remaining period the current parliamentary cycle.