Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned against a serious culture that is growing within the security system, stressing that the death of Karbala Coach Mohammed Abbas must not go unnoticed, because "this is not the occasional fault of a member of the security apparatus, and in the same time, it may not be used to expert pressure on the government and the security apparatuses or exploited politically", he said. His Eminence also added that the security apparatuses are facing terrorist acts and we appreciate what they are doing for us; however, they are blamable. "Terrorism is still hitting hard and attacking the devotees of Ahlul Bayt (AS) of all ethnicities", he commented, calling for reconsidering the security plans and focusing on the intelligence work. Moreover, he considered the amendment of the provincial council law as an important step in enlarging their power which helps serve the people, underlying the need to keep the provincial council away from the political conflict for they are service councils, as he justified. This came during the 24th conference of male and female proclaimers held by the Martyr of the Niche institution in Najaf, Thursday, 4/7/2013.
The Martyr of the Niche Movement Sticks to every Promise It Has Made before Elections
His Eminence urged the Iraqis to keep holding meetings and dialogues after the end of provincial council elections in Nineveh and Al Anbar, saying the symbolic meeting of the political leaders held in his Eminence's office has thawed the frozen relations and made the parties closer to each other. He also called on the Iraqi leaders to keep holding meetings under any ceiling, stating the Martyr of the Niche movements believes in treating problems step by step, in a way that reinforces the trust by passing laws that reassure everybody following concessions made by each party to the other. In addition, he highlighted the need to fulfill the promises made prior to the last elections, affirming that the Martyr of the Niche movement sticks to every promise it has made before the elections, is well prepared and will support everybody even in those provinces where it has not had the chance to stand up to their officials.
The Government Must Assume its Liabilities by Protecting the Funds of Iraq against the Claims
His Eminence pointed out that Iraq is one of the few countries which managed to free themselves for chapter 7 and the international tutelage, describing chapter 7 as a trap that is difficult to escape from. He said Iraq has succeeded in breaking free from the international tutelage thanks to the generous efforts made particularly by the Aziz al-Iraq (May Allah sanctify his sole) and all the Iraqi leaders, including the prime minister, the president of the Republic, the speaker of the parliament, the minister of foreign affairs and all political leaders, considering it as historical event that will enable Iraqi to act internationally and regionally. He also called on the government to assume its liabilities by protecting the funds of Iraq for the claims filed against them in the international courts.
The New Egyptian Government Should not Repeat the Same Previous Mistakes
As far as Egypt is concerned, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim urged the party who has deposed the Egyptian president not to repeat the mistakes of the ex-government. "What has happened in Egypt is an important message that must be carefully studied, analyzed and contemplated", he said. "Dialogue and partnership between Egyptians will restore the stability of Egypt and enable it to play its intended role". He also explained that arrest orders issued against 300 officials of the ex-government are something to worry about and that the same problem would persist, i.e. each incoming party would marginalize the others. "The Egyptian issue has been paid a lot of attention and has been diagnosed for previous mistakes such as the drafting of the constitution, voting on it by a one-half–plus-one majority, the excess use of the powers and the fact the Egypt has been involved in interior and exterior labyrinth which provoked the division of the Egyptian people.    
The Proclaimer Must Educate Himself and Elevate the People First with his Biography and Acts and then with his Words
His Eminence pointed out to the worth of the Ramadan and the divine hospitality, showing that proclaiming is an important duty for all human beings and preaching shall come so as to please hearts. "Proclaiming does not require us to think of the answer and the proclaimer is not responsible for the results", he said. "The proclamation heals and purifies the soles and is a sensitive mission that charges the human beings with a difficult task". His Eminence also said the proclaimer must educate himself and elevate the people first with his biography and acts and then with his words, and must take the environment and the culture in consideration when proclaiming, warning from those who have wicked minds and oppose the proclamation.