The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, expressed his deep sorrow and regret for the incidents occurring in the city of Tuz Khormato, indicating that Tuz Khormato is experiencing dozens of bombings because its residents are Turkmens and followers of Ahl Al Bayt. His Eminence wondered how bombs reached that area and why this specific area was attacked, assuring that the city is targeted and its residents must be highly protected, and calling upon the government to assume its responsibility towards the city. His Eminence pointed out that everyone should take up the responsibility of stopping the bloodshed, considering that it’s not shameful to increase the security efforts in the city.
This came during the first Ramadan evening gathering held in his Eminence’s office in Baghdad on Thursday, 11/7/2013.
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim explained that the theory of rights in Islam is built on 3 pillars which are dignity and humanity, the sound faith, the integrated ethical system, and the right behavior.