Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim indicated that the psychological defeat, the lack of will, the unwillingness to fight, the treason by some army leaders, the distant places between the army forces and the heterogeneous mix in the army of Imam Al Hassan (AS), were among the problems and challenges faced by Imam Al Hassan Al Mujtaba (AS) and that led him to make truce with Muawiya. He explained that the circumstances of Imam Al Hassan (AS) are an extension of the complex and complicated political situation that Amir Al Muminin Ali (AS) lived and that made Imam Ali (AS) unable to fulfill his great vocational mission.
This came during the eleventh Ramadan night gathering held at His Eminence’s office in Baghdad, on Wednesday, 24/7/2013. His Eminence clarified that the power of will, the clarity in the vision and perception and the willingness to sacrifice are what make great triumphs, pointing that the atmosphere prevailing in Al Kufa at that time was filled with hesitation, desperation, surrender, and worry facing the army of Sham. Also, there were bad rumors and there was the war waged by Muwaiya against the people of Kufa and Iraq in general, which made the people live in a state of severe despair.