Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said the Leader of the Faithful, Ali (AS) does not represent himself; rather, he embodies a course and a project in the nation, explaining that all his words, acts, moves and silent moments are lessons and illustrations of that project and the course he drew for this nation.
This came during the 15th Ramadan night event held in his Eminence’s office in Baghdad Sunday, 28/7/2013.
Sayyid al-Hakim said the enemies of Ali (AS) recognized his merit and his modesty first toward his followers and then his companions. Muawiyah admitted this merit when Dirar, a companion of Ali (AS), described the latter when asked by Muawiyah to do so, “Ali (AS) gathered all the good manners that characterized no other person but the Prophet (PBUH)”. He also pointed out to the method of Ali (AS) in taking care of the babies, the women, the martyrs’ families and the needy, and  invoked examples of the altruism and generosity that marked Ali (AS) during his life since he would give away all what he had to the poor and needy.