Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, expressed his categorical refusal of insults targeting the religious authority, assuring that the religious authority was given a moral power by Allah that is not interrupted in any time and that is not taken from any government or state. He considered that the performance at the security level has not yet matured and called upon the government to uphold the advice, stressing the need to renew the blood in security institutions and promote their stagnant activity.
This came during the Eid El Fitr sermon that was held at His Eminence’s office under his Imamate on Friday, 9/8/2013.
His Eminence affirmed in his sermon before the public of worshippers that the Citizen Bloc in the local governments has assumed its mandate and there’s no place for negligence and inactivity, explaining that the Citizen bloc has realized that the road is still long and challenges are still great, which means we must get ready for them. He stressed the need to review the achievements and be good representatives of the people, indicating that the Shahid al Mihrab(Martyr of the Prayer Niche) is holding the flame of development and renovation while maintaining authenticity, and that Shahid Al Mihrab has contributed and still is contributing in presenting solutions. His Eminence also stressed that whoever is incapable of solving his own problems will not be able to solve the problems of the people, highlighting that success requires collective work and that the performance of Shahid Al Mihrab was focused on a clear methodology and integrity.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq considered in his sermon that the Iraqi project is a project of life while the terrorism project is a project of death. He called to work with honesty to instill the measures just like the project was established, assuring that terrorism seeks to convince Iraqis of their inability to face it, while the truth is that terrorism is the incapable one since it’s targeting innocent people.
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim described the phase that the Arab region is going through as the phase of births after the pains of labor, indicating that some births are deformed and explaining that the Arab region is facing the most dangerous challenge it has faced in a hundred years, for it’s confronting itself and its culture. He pointed out that the Arab peoples have revolted to achieve global justice and that the challenge today is a decisive one that will draw the map of the region. His Eminence called to promote the Arab and Islamic integrity and cooperation, based on a new approach that goes beyond sectarianism and nationalism and assumes the responsibility of history, civilization, culture and common destiny, and warned from playing with fire by supporting sectarian and narrow projects because they will turn against their supporters.
It should be mentioned that the Eid prayer was attended by a very large public and by a number of eminent political and tribal figures.