Sayyir Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the necessity of fighting corruption, considering it as the direct cause of the current deteriorated security situation in the country. In his opinion, the real official is the one who assumes responsibility and moves within a vision and a plan, not emotionally and randomly. He stated that as Iraq, some countries has being witnessing a conspiracy, but its interior situation is well controlled, adding that terrorism violates the Iraqi blood but in the same time, some are opposing such responsibility they reached with corrupt tools until they have became a security gap from which the terrorism is flowing out. He also warned against the risk of corruption on the Iraqi state and the Iraqi project, since it protects the corrupt officers, allow some of them to make anticipatory unrealistic reports that that distract the security effort and place the failing officers in the intelligence positions and cause the car bombs to go out of control. Sayyid al-Hakim maintained that corruption covered the security officers and gave rise to many security gaps that produced terrorism, stressing that terrorism and corruption are inseparable allies and the second is found where the first is. Moreover, he warned against the serious next stage Iraq would go through. He said that speaking about the risks is not to alarm, but it is necessary to face the risks with new ways of thinking, new wills, large-scale practices, strong alliances and great sacrifices, calling for addressing the youth's problems because it is part of the restructuration of the modern Iraqi state.  

This came during the weekly cultural forum held in his Eminence's office in Baghdad on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.    


Iraqis Have no Other Choice but to Win the Next Challenge at all Costs
His Eminence explained that the next stage accepts no incomplete solutions, incomplete achievements or partial or incomplete victories, considering the next stage requires building the nation, reviewing the nation's project and imposing presence in politics, values and society. He confirmed that Iraqis have no choice but to win the next challenge at all costs, making clear that the Iraqi project will only yield to the interests of the Iraqi people. He also explained that the Iraqi project is that of the country and the nation, and it is the success of the project which pushed us to serve this project and offer the big sacrifices, calling on the political parties to conceive a vision as big as the risks facing Iraq. To him, a vision must be as much clear as the discovery of conspiracies being woven against Iraq and as much global as the attack which targets it. He added that a clear vision of the events is a sincere reflection of the real and strategic political action, considering that the political process in Iraq is still precarious although after a decade, and therefore, we must act with more firmness to preserve the country and the citizens and protect the project.  


Iraq Must Be of Influencing on the Map of the New Alliances in the Middle East, not Influenced
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said that a new perception of the Middle East is emerging out of the reshaping of the political map of the regional strategic alliances, and the region is not the same. He noted that the many countries started to reconsider their policies and change them, while some started to reconsider their regional alliances and their international impacts. He also pointed out to a clear change in the concept of freedom justice which implies more than one meaning and that the movement of peoples and their revolutions are not spontaneous anymore, rather they became a goal and a chance for many parties. He confirmed the change of the position of the victims. To him, who was aggrieved and powerless became oppressor and tyrant. Moreover, he pointed out to the change of terms and the continuous wave of turbulence from Syria, through Lebanon, to Iraq and Egypt, not to mention the ambiguous and fragile Libyan, Tunisian and Yemenite situation. He also said that some countries moved from adopting the "zero problem" policy to sinking in them, calling for Iraq to be influencing on the map of the new alliances of the Middle East, not influenced by them.


The Problem of the Iraqi Youth is the Absence of Correct and Systematic Planning in Dealing with Them
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim expressed his regret for the frustration of Iraqi youth and their desire to emigrate from a country that possesses stardom balances and is considered amongst the largest economies of the region, explaining that the problem of the Iraqi youth, who accounts for half the society, is the absence of correct and systematic planning in dealing with them. His Eminence demonstrated that the private sector is limited and disabled, which pushes the youth to look for a permanent job in the public sector already suffering from administrative bureaucracy, corruption and favoritism, indicating that most Iraqi universities do not produce academic and scientific youth nor a truly educated youth and attributing this to the wide difference between Iraqi universities and other universities in the world and the region on the practical level and to their use of old curricula and obsolete systems. His Eminence pointed out that Iraqi universities have mostly turned into government departments not universities that produce science and culture and presents real opportunities to develop the youth, which generates frustration of the youth and inability to be creative. He explained that the economic and service crises in the country, including unemployment, deterioration of the educational level, housing crisis, corruption, favoritism considering that solving the problems of youth eventually lead to the structural treatment of the modern Iraqi state.


Team Spirit is the Key to Success
His Eminence considered that narcissism and selfishness are a disease that attacks everyone, expressing his regret for the prevalence of selfishness with most politicians whether in power or not. His Eminence indicated that there is a type of politicians who believe that they’re the ones capable of solving problems and that the world would stop if they stop working, warning from absorption in narcissism and believing that individual governance leads to success, explaining that if individual governance worked, dictatorships would’ve succeeded and considering that the team spirit is the key to success.


The Anniversary of the Bombing of the U.N. Headquarters in Iraq
His Eminence expressed his regret for the bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Iraq and the killing of the Secretary General’s representative at the time Sergio de Mello who was very knowledgeable about the Iraqi situation, prompting the United Nations to pursue the support to Iraq and the help need to make its project succeed.