Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the importance of communication and cooperation between all movements in Wasit provincial council in order to provide more services for the citizens of Wasit province. He also confirmed that need that the local officials come down to the field and be in contact with the citizens, listen to their problems, and offer possible solutions.
This came during a meeting held Thursday, 12/9/2013, between his Eminence and the governor of Wasit, Mahmoud al-Malla Talal and the head of the provincial council, Mazen al-Zameli, as well as the provincial council members from "Wasit First Coalition".
On one hand, the governor of Wasit showed his Eminence the efforts made by the local government, with its multiple movements, to serve the province citizens and the future projects to reconstruct the province, saying that the work mechanism in the provincial council is made by one single bloc while appealing the other movements and not marginalizing or excluding any of them.
On the other, the head of Wasit provincial council expressed the pleasure of the delegation to meet Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim and listen to his precious instructions, explaining that Wasit coalition is not sufficiently strong or competent and is willing to cooperate with the rest of movements to better serve the province citizens. 
In fact, Wasit First Coalition includes the Citizens Alliance, the Liberal Coalition, the Loyal Hands' Gathering, the Social Justice State, the Iraqi's Benevolence and Generosity List, Al Iraqiya National and United Coalition, the Equitable State Movement, the Civil Democratic Alliance and the Feylis Kurds Brotherhood List.