The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called on the competent officials to adopt and implement the project of the media, professional and residential city, as a step to consolidate the media and create a suitable environment for journalists at the living and professional levels. His Eminence stressed the need to effectively seek to upgrade the journalists’ level of living and secure for them the means that guarantee their freedom and liberty of expression and thus enable them to initiate public awareness.
This came in the speech delivered by His Eminence during the first institutional conference of the Iraqi Federation of Radio and Television Stations held on Tuesday, 17/9/2013, at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad. The conference was attended by Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki, the head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Abdul Karim al-Enzi, a leader of the Dawa Party.
His Eminence indicated in his speech the different types of media, underlining that the media represents the peculiarity of this epoch and that it does not just transfer and describe the event, but it rather makes the event. He considered that an enlightening media is the one capable of providing the peoples and nations with recipes to move forward, while dark and stony media is the one that presents recipes for decline and isolation, which brings peoples back to underdevelopment and inertia. His Eminence added that there is also the aggressive media that seeks to halt the development of peoples and manipulate their national constants and human relationships.
His Eminence stressed that the essential mission of media is to create awareness, describing such mission as difficult and scared and highlighting that with the existence of a conscious people, nations can progress, develop, maintain rights and achieve justice. He added that a media outlet should seek the truth and a noble goal that links it to its public, but it could make a mistake here and there, which is totally acceptable and could happen amidst all the events. He considered that the attempts of some media outlets to manipulate minds and distort truths indicate are proof that these outlets are without conscious, because this is the work of journalists that lack the human conscious and don’t have any honor for the profession.
His Eminence commended the efforts of honorable journalists, especially in light of the difficulties they’re facing in their work amidst such unprepared and mostly vague environments. He stated that the real responsibility of journalists is to fight terrorism and sectarianism with one hand, and fight corruption, exploitation, and absolutism with the other hand. He added: “You, as citizens of this country, are suffering like we are, and are striving to provide a decent living for you and your families”, and considered that it is difficult for a human to work in the area of intellect and assume the responsibility of reviving a nation. His Eminence mentioned the challenges that Iraqi journalists face in making a mature, deep and active media approach, adding that it is hard for a journalist to see the thin line between constructive and destructive criticism, between managing the information and recycling the information, between marketing the national project and adulation for people.