The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called to seize the opportunity now present to sign the pact of honor, hence creating an environment that helps achieving real reforms, working hand in hand to identify national priorities and creating and adequate environment that could enable us to reach a promising future and a fair state with everyone’s participation. His Eminence underlined the need to embrace this occasion and reinvigorate honest and serious national relationships, fill the internal gaps and prepare to counter terrorist attacks.
This came in Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim’s speech delivered at the national conference of political blocs for signing the national pact of honor for social peace held in Baghdad on Thursday, 19/9/2013.
His Eminence also called to complete the two laws on elections and parties, being in direct relation with the country’s political scene and representing at the same time the political machinery to produce the government and legislative authority. He urged those who object on some policies and have been demonstrating in public squares for the last few months to gather under political alliances with a common vision and real well-structured political, economic and social programs. He also indicated that such step would enrich the political life, bring ideas and projects to maturity and secure a large democratic participation and faith in a unified country.
His Eminence highlighted that responsibility entails obligation and commitment; it is a burden not an honor, calling on all officials to identify their responsibilities towards the people and the country and to eventually develop a road map for the coming stage and to know how to distinguish the thin line between the limits of the country and limits of politics. Sayyid Al Hakim insisted that the nation’s constants are larger and greater than the variables of politics, adding that “We do not deserve to live in a country that we can’t protect. We do not deserve to represent a people that we cannot serve”.
His Eminence pointed out that Iraqis have endured a lot and have survived in the darkest circumstance. They are now confronting sectarianism and its followers to declare that sectarianism is the language of haters, vanquished and losers. He called on political leaders to listen to the voice of the people, the people angry at the boycotts, excessiveness and narcissism, assuring that millions of Iraqis adhere to the project of a unified country and are ready to fight terrorism, sectarianism and tyranny, no matter how long the duration and how deep the wounds. His Eminence stressed the need to agree on one vision so that the national project can take its correct path and bring the nation’s ship to safety. He also underlined the importance of having a rooted conviction that we will live together and will stay like this God willing, stressing that failure, God forbid, will be disastrous for everyone to a man.
His Eminence finally stated that what is happening in the region is a strong motive to hold on to change and reform, confirming that the correction of mistakes is one of the most significant steps that guarantee sustainability and success. He stressed that assuming responsibility entails accepting blame and constructive criticism, explaining that destructive criticism only deepens the disputes and kindles feelings of hatred.