The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed that the organizations of the Martyr of the Niche movement have achieved an important achievement in the past period, as they are today before a new phase, much harder than the previous one. He underlined that the province of Wasit needs tremendous efforts that translate the promises into reality for the citizens of Wasit, assuring that the movement’s project for Wasit is a source of pride for its citizens and for the Iraqis in general.
This came when His Eminence was meeting a large group of organizations affiliated to the Martyr of the Niche movement in Wasit, in El Kut, on Saturday 21/9/2013. 
His Eminence addressed the organizations stating that their responsibilities did not come to a halt with the elections, as they have to support the local government of Wasit and evaluate the previous period because evaluation is a trait of wise men. He stressed the need to look into the pros and cons, while taking pride in the pros since they result from a significant experience as well as examining the cons to overcome them, calling on the members of the movement to take pride in their project for it will become a reality one day and will spill its positive effects on all Iraq.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq highlighted that need to support the organizations and inform them that they are the real capital. He also expressed his strong refusal of how the organizations are being ignored or supported as much as possible by officials, stressing that the officials’ appreciation depends on their appreciation of and support to the organizations. He also stated that the organizations should support officials and eliminate the confusion their achievements are going through, through communicating with people and explaining things to them. These organizations must also provide officials with visions and suggestions, provided that the support be without condition or tutelage. His Eminence stressed the need to ensure integration among provinces and the center.
Regarding the movement’s internal affairs, His Eminence prompted the organizations of Wasit to expand the organizational networks and raise the citizens’ awareness of the national project. He explained that the movement members have paid the price of their political affiliation, underlining that they hold a project from which they do not intend personal profit and indicating that the Immortal Martyr of the Niche has built a movement based on correct national and dogmatic constants.