The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, warned some Arab and Islamic countries, which are lenient with terrorists and their despicable views and allow the teaching of their thoughts in colleges that the cancer of terrorism will spread to them and that terrorists will bide their time to attack their states and societies. He insisted that terrorism does not target a particular religious group, but it will target anyone who does not support its aberrant views, mentioning as evidence the battles now happening between the Free Syrian Army and the terrorists, while both are from the same sect. His Eminence stressed that the last terrorist wave have shown that the plans of terrorists have become uncovered and that terrorism is starting to act in public. He added that the aim of targeting the two funeral assemblies in El Sadr city and Al Dawra in a way to kill the largest number possible of people is a matter of shuffling the cards and leading the Iraqi people on to a sectarian or regional-based war. His Eminence indicated that terrorists are the ones who will benefit from a sectarian war, for it will ensure the proper environment for their development, influence and dominance over large areas of the country.
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim explained, during his talk in the weekly cultural meeting held in his office on Wednesday, 25/9/2013, that terrorism is not just about aberrant views, but it is rather like a Nazi movement that started with views and ended by killing 60 million human beings until the movement and its thoughts were prohibited in Europe. He attributed to the international community double the responsibility in countering terrorism, its views, its supporters and its funders, and warned the citizens of Mosul and Al Anbar from the terrorist danger and how it would violate their blood, honor and property if it got grip of their cities. He called on the Baghdad provincial council to change the name of the “Al Falah Street” in El Sadr city to “Martyrs Street”, as a way to commemorate the martyrs of the funeral assembly.
Iraqi Tribes in the South from Different Sects Have Lived Together for Thousands of Years, but Takfiris Want to Destroy National Cohesion
His Eminence warned the citizens of Ninawa and western regions that if terrorism gets hold of this area, it will target them, mentioning the issue of women who are getting pregnant under the name of “Jihad Al Nikah” and considering this as a clear message that if terrorist get hold of the cities, they will violate everything, men, women and children. His Eminence stated that he’s addressing this warning out of love and worry and to declare disclaimer to The Almighty. He underlined that the battle of terrorism is not with the government but with the Iraqi people, and it must be countered with more national cohesion. His Eminence explained that the forced displacement practiced by terrorism is due to the same reasons behind killing people, i.e. to create safe havens from which terrorists can target all Iraqis to a man. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim expressed his regret for what some have done to honorable families and tribes in the South, as this create enough reasons to target the Shabak and the Turks from the followers of Ahl Al Bayt and some areas in the province of Diyala and Saladin. He praised the support showed by the tribes and security apparatuses of the South to the Iraqi tribes like Al Saadoun and others, as well as their clear refusal of the attacks against and forced displacement of any of the Iraqi constituents. He finally stressed that Iraqi tribes in the South from different sects have lived together for thousands of years, but Takfiris want to destroy national cohesion.
We Felicitate the Democratic Party on its Victory and we call on the National Union of Kurdistan to Benefit from the Experience of the Supreme Council That Stepped Back then Invested its Fallback to Move Forward
His Eminence considered that the success of elections in Kurdistan is a good lesion that enriches the Iraqi democratic experience, as democracy turned from papers and ballots to a behavior and culture practiced by generations of Iraqi people. He congratulated the Iraqi people and the citizens of Kurdistan on the success of the elections, indicating that the Kurdistan people has lit a new candle in the democratic path in Iraq and Kurdistan and that the democratic process is a matter of being in the lead at times and behind at other times, as no party can be always in the lead. His Eminence called on the political forces to understand the political situation and democratic activity, for democracy is a behavior that should be practiced by political parties, then by the people by choosing their representatives. He highlighted that the government of Kurdistan has worked hard and made considerable achievements, which was rewarded by the people. The opposition maintained its place when it improved its performance. His Eminence congratulated the Democratic Party on winning and felicitated the opposition forces and the Islamic parties on maintaining their seats, pointing that the National Union of Kurdistan’s fallback is a chance to leap forward. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim told them not to worry as what they lost is only one round, and the service of the people is still continuing. He called them to learn from the experience of the Supreme Council as it stepped back and invested its fallback to move forward. His Eminence explained that being in the lead does not mean getting a prize and ending the competition, but it rather means that the winner is at the head and everyone is trying to follow. He finally stressed that the winner needs to review its calculations, improve itself and its mechanisms and work to sustain the momentum of progress and success.
Student Scholarship Helps Students Think Very Early of Getting Financially Independent and Cutting Down the Charges Assumed by their Parents even Partially, and Increases the Sense of National Belonging
On the other hand, his Eminence said investment in the human resources is the greatest investment, the best low-cost project and the most secure as it is the bridge between students and their country, feeling sorry for the government having delayed the granting of the student scholarship for this year, which was launched, adopted and supported from the beginning, and passed mainly by the Muwatin Coalition at the Council of Representatives. In his opinion, the importance of such scholarship lies in that it is the first step by the country in taking care of its citizens morally, and helps students think very early of getting financially independent and cutting down the charges assumed by the parents even partially, while increasing the sense of national belonging which we need badly today in these sensitive conditions. He also added that the government lacks the standard to defy the priorities in the achievement of projects, and fails to evaluate it, stating that such project is among 14 initiatives of the parliamentary Muwatin coalition and it is wrong to consider it as part of a political competition since it is about serving the citizens and the country.