The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed the need for an administrative revolution to eliminate routine, bureaucracy and paralyzing laws, adding that such revolution along with successful administration associated with will could build up the country and hence the country. His Eminence clarified that the administrative crisis that Iraq is going through is caused by the information boom that occurred in the world at a time when Iraq was still drowning in wars and isolation. Sayyid Al Hakim underlined that administration needs quick plans, a diagnosis of the problems and new laws to address these problems, as well as the facilitation of ways to work as men of state, always immortal in history, not as men of politics. His Eminence indicated the importance of investing Iraqi brains in management, especially outstanding students in the faculty of management and economics, by putting them in good universities. He also stressed the importance of reviewing the management curricula and updating them so as to be in line with modern management.
This came during His Eminence’s meeting with the Basra provincial council in the headquarters of the local government in Basra on Thursday, 26/9/2013. 
His Eminence called on the members of the provincial councils to plan for their city up till 2014 with an integrated project and clear vision, under the title “2040, What future for Basra?”, affirming the importance of strategic planning as a key to identify successes. He also stated that it is imperative to focus on quality and not worry about the costs of planning because their overturn will be double when planning eliminates confusion. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stressed the need for annual, five-year, ten-year and fifty-year plans, calling to benefit from the international minds, energies and experiences, according to a clear Iraqi vision based on the province’s nature. His Eminence explained that the project of “Basra, economic capital of Iraq” is based on the capacities and potentials of Basra to be the economic capital, adding that the adoption of the project will help Basra acquire a regional and international weight and will achieve considerable improvements for the citizens of Basra.
His Eminence urged members of Basra provincial council to work as a team and put the public interest before any other interest, and to look for definitive solutions, telling them “all eyes are on you for the responsibility you are assuming is great as you have been given the trust by the citizens of Basra”. He also underlined the importance of shaping difference within national interest, stressing the need to build on past experiences and explaining that democracy has an accumulative aspect. Those who assume the responsibility should start from where others finished. His Eminence also focused on the significance of exchanging roles, for it will expand the expertise, explaining that today’s achievements will make history. He finally called on the local government to study the program of the Citizen Bloc, to make additions and corrections and to adopt it as an action plan because it is the result of a mature scientific vision that includes the views of experts and specialists in dealing with crises and problems of Basra. Sayyid Al Hakim praised the position of Basra citizens, including tribes, governor, members of the provincial council and directors of security bodies, and how they embrace all the citizens of Basra.