The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called on the sheikhd of Basra tribes to nominate representatives for the coming elections who are capable of serving the people and who would create, through their competence, a qualitative parliament that provides outstanding service. His Eminence urged them to assume the responsibility of inviting the people to efficiently participate in the coming elections, for they express the people’s care about their country and new democratic system.
In his conversation with the sheikhs and eminent figures of Basra tribes on Thursday, 26/9/2013, stressed the need to evaluate the candidates through their electoral programs, not their persons, so that the people can see detailed electoral programs in which they can engage whoever they elects. He considered that the security events that have lately occurred in Basra are an attempt to target Iraq and send a message to companies and investors that Basra is not safe. His Eminence described Basra as being the pillar of social and peaceful coexistence, indicating that attention to the tribes is an attention to a strong and coherent community. Sayyid Al Hakim also expressed the Martyr of the Niche’s pride of the community’s tribal nature, adding that movement has held the banner of “zero problem policy” but the lack of true will of some blocs has prevented the implementation of this policy, which led the movement to call for “freezing the problems” to overcome the current regional crisis.  
His Eminence underlined that the project of “Basra, Iraq’s economic capital” was no novelty, as there are world experiences of great countries who adopted the approach of economic capitals. He called on the sheikhs of tribes to support and defend the project, expressing his hope of getting the law ratified by the Parliament. His Eminence finally stressed the need to automate agriculture in Basra and to rescue the lands from the control of Ministry of fuel through inclination drilling and the use of lands in agriculture, habitat and development projects, considering Basra an essential key to building Iraq.