The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, announced the launching of the project titled “Through education and knowledge, we vanquish unemployment”. His Eminence detailed the project as including the establishment of an industrial complex that would accommodate 1500 trainees to be trained on the skills required for fuel industries and other professions, the establishment of Basra National Bank, which will be funded through a 2-billion dollar loan from the Iraqi Central Bank to be returned with no interest. His Eminence explained that all citizens of Basra can contribute in the underwriting, and added that the bank’s missions is to fund real, industrial and commercial projects. He also clarified that the project includes the study and design of a dam for Basra. This came during His Eminence’s meeting with Basra elites at the Sheraton hotel in Basra on Thursday, 26/9/2013.
His Eminence explained that the industrial community will train the youth of Basra on skills required for the fuel industry and will create a large group of professional skills from among the citizens of Basra, which will create huge work opportunities. Sayyid Al Hakim underlined that it is important to bind fuel companies working in Basra to the contract clauses that include the employment of 80% of Basra citizens, explaining that foreign companies can contribute to this project as well. His Eminence added that the available opportunities of appointments for trainees will make youngsters to rush, and can thus put an end to the problem of unemployment and create fuel-related labor skills among the citizens of Basra. Sayyid Al Hakim pointed out that the capacities of Basra after the increase of the petrodollar to five dollars and the increase of production will contribute to the implementation of this project. 
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stated that the project includes the establishment of Basra national Bank, which will advance Basra within a short period of time, stressing the importance of quick means of funding to reach a developed economy. His Eminence indicated that the bank will contribute to a perfect economic environment, reiterating his support of the project for it will serve the citizens of the city. He considered that the study and design of Basra’ dam will be a way to change the landmarks of economy and will help strengthen Iraq’s relations with its neighboring countries, calling to enrich the project with research and studies.
His Eminence highlighted the importance of trusting Iraqi brains, considering that Iraqi skilled citizens should have the double responsibility of going to the field. From this note, he reiterated his support to them in entering the government of parliament, explaining that the reconstruction of Basra is a universal demand because of its role in the world economy. His Eminence finally stressed the importance of having a correct vision associated with strategic planning that identifies priorities, adding that Iraq has an abundance of parties but a lack of thoughts and that it is easy to get men of power but difficult to get men of state.