The Head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, underlined that Basra will remain an important place for peaceful coexistence in Iraq and that it cannot turn into a place for vengeance and retaliation, adding that Basra will remain everyone’s home and a place where all are honored and respected. His Eminence pointed out that all Iraqis everywhere are targeted, which requires the unity of internal Iraqi components for more harmony and cohesion. This came when His Eminence was meeting Dr. Abdel Karim Al Khazerji, Head of the Sunni Endowment of the southern region, and a number of Imams of Basra mosques, at the headquarters of the Directorate in Basra, on Friday, 27/9/2013.
His Eminence explained that his visits to Basra are ongoing as he will be meeting citizens of Basra from all religious groups, and added that the visit amidst these circumstances has turned out to be essential to send messages of love and coexistence to the enemies of Iraq, messages stating that “your actions will only increase Iraqis’ cohesion to build their country. His Eminence praised the stances taken by the local government of Basra to address security issues, and called to support them, adding that treating the security issues need a large-scale campaign to introduce Islam and interpret the verses that are exploited and wrongfully read by terrorists.