The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed the importance of adopting a unified vision by all Iraqis as a major step towards solving the problems in Iraq, explaining that the political forces are spending time solving problems due to the lack of a vision while neglecting the vision. He indicated that the vision is sovereign matter particular to Iraq that cannot be imported, adding that strategic planning is the step that follows the vision and that we can benefit from others’ experiences and expertise to establish the planning. His Eminence considered that the crisis of Iraq is an administration crisis at all political, security and economic levels, clarifying the importance of an administrative revolution led by administrative revolutionists. This came during the monthly Tuesday meeting for Bahr Al-Ulloum family held at Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Al-Ulloum’s office on Tuesday 1/10/2013. His Eminence also stressed the importance of taking priorities into account in the development of plans, programs and competent tools, pointing out that management is taught at Iraqi universities in an obsolete way and that it must be modernized and send students in exchange programs and fellowships. His Eminence explained that a unified vision associated with strategic planning and the identification of priorities based on plans implemented through competent tools will all create trust, adding that the Martyr of the Niche movement holds for the nation a vision for a modern and fair state starting from where others had stopped, far from parties and cantons. Sayyid Al Hakim also emphasized the importance of each province having a project while ensuring the integration of all projects with the national project, because, His Eminence said, patriotism is not a slogan but programs that serve the country and the citizen. He explained the importance of having a strong and active center that takes in the responsibility of strategic planning. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stated that the initiative of “zero problem policy” he had proposed earlier has now become hard to achieve, which has pushed the Supreme Council to suggest the initiative of “freezing problems” until Iraq gets safely through this current critical phase. He highlighted the need of shifting competition from one among persons to one among programs, affirming the importance of a political multi-component majority that serves Iraq according to defined vision and plans. His Eminence expressed his trust in the Iraqis’ support to a unified team that has a vision and strategic planning and in the regional and international support of such team. He indicated that the map of the region is being redefined and that strengthening Iraq internally will make the country influence this redefinition. His Eminence finally considered that the weakness of security tools is the reason behind the power of terrorism, adding that the Supreme Council has proposed a plan to address the security situation to anyone who wishes to use it.