Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said childhood is the corner stone of the project of building the fair modern state, adopted by the Martyr of the Niche movement in order to raise the next generation properly, expressing his regret that the childhood initiative launched by his Eminence and which involves the creation of the children care fund and a higher children council has entered the tunnel of bureaucracy, routine and political biddings. His Eminence considered the creation of the children fund by allocating 1.5 of the public budget as the first step in the long way of the right development of the Iraqi children, stressing the need to proceed with passing this initiative as the previous initiatives which saw the light. To him, the right upbringing requires organized action, strategic vision and successful plans. He said budgets are being spent on childhood but not within a specialized vision, calling for directly taking care of the kindergartens for they are the most important institutions teaching children how to integrate with others. He explained that the responsibility to children is that shared between the family, the state institutions, the civil society organizations and the religious establishment. This came during the third annual childhood festival held by the Martyr of the Niche establishment in Najaf province, Thursday, 3/10/2013. His Eminence appraised all parties’ efforts in taking care of the Iraqi children, calling on the competent authorities and the civil society organizations to make every effort to take the right steps to address the children’s problems because they constitute part of the strategic state building process. Moreover, he said raising a healthy, fully-developed child means to build a mature country, explaining that Iraq counts on children. Here, he evoked the successful experiences of countries that were committed to take care of the children as introduction to success, pointing out to the real need to spread social awareness on the childhood initiative and fund. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim maintained that Islam gives special care to children from the legal marriage contract between husband and wife since Islam has a global vision to building the human being and the society and both visions rely on children. He said when we speak about childhood, we speak about the nation and the civilization, and we must instill values in children given their future effects on their personality, adding that the child’s personality can adapt with values and traditions, rejecting some bad traditions practiced by parents such as lying and non-fulfillment of promises as well the inappropriate word “ignorant” by which the child is called and explaining that the Quran describe children as allurements of this life and the apples of the eye.