Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, acclaimed the state, civil, society and civil society organization efforts which help address the problems of children and serve this category which constitutes more than the half of the Iraqi society, asking all parties to assume their legal, human and national responsibilities to press the appropriate state institutions for taking the right steps and procedures to resolve the children's problems and build projects in the interest of this important category.
This came during the Annual Childhood Festival sponsored by his Eminence and held Thursday, 3/10/2013 by the Marty of the Niche movement in al Najaf al Ashraf.    
His Eminence pointed out to the successful experiences of countries that adopted successful and effective policies regarding the children care, considering such policies as the only solution to build strong foundations for a good and united society. He added that children make up a great number of the martyrs and injured, victims of the terrorist attacks which try to take the Iraqi society apart. In his opinion, such fierce assaults try to build a new generation living in fear of the present, and skeptic about the future while remaining suspicious. Here, he stressed the need to take the right steps to resolve such problem, saying such responsibility must be shared by the state institutions, the civil society organizations, the social establishments and the political parties and movement as well as the religious institutions.    
Moreover, his Eminence underlined the need to spread social awareness by all legal means, use the mass media to enlighten the public opinion, and create a pressure to take practical steps regarding the children care fund and other related projects in the country, explaining that the creation of such fund is the first main step in the long way towards the global development and the right upbringing of the Iraqi children and the future generation.