Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, shared on Thursday, 17/10/2013, with the Iraqi citizens and particularly the Baghdadi families their celebration of Eid al-Adha al-Mubarak in al-Zawra gardens among a wide welcoming crowd.  
His Eminence walked around in al-Zawra park and met a big number of the Iraqi people and families, from all categories, discussing with them different issues of life on this happy occasion.
For their part, the families and crowds at the park expressed their big joy and happiness for having met his Eminence and their strong appreciation for the efforts he is making in order to achieve more gains for the Iraqi people and make their wishes come true.
Challenging Terrorism and Reassuring Citizens
As part of his policy and his personality in sharing his citizens and his country fellows their moments of joy and grief, for whenever they are, he would be the one who goes to them, and as the country's great leaders, men, sheikhs, figures and citizens, of all ages and genres, visited him to congratulate him on the occasion of the happy Eid, his Eminence went to them to be close to them and listen to their problems.
The visit of his Eminence to al-Zawra gardens where citizens come in great numbers to spend the Eid times, since they are the only breathing space in Baghdad and which bring together all Baghdadi citizens of all components, is a message that has many implications, the most important of which is sharing with the citizens their challenge of terrorism amidst the lately worsening security situation.
His Eminence does not only feel comfortable, taking pleasure in watching the citizens and chatting with them albeit the bad security situation which does not only target the public but also national, political leading figures such as Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, who does not allow himself to be discouraged by his official busy activities, the security problems or his due visits and meetings with the country's leaders and figures and the local officials or from all around the world, he would kiss the heads and hands of children and shake hands with youth, though he is the grandson of the great reference Imam Sayyid Mohsen al-Hakim (may Allah rest his soul)    
With Citizens in all Situations
The citizens praised such act, though his Eminence always seize each occasion to visit his citizens whether in hospitals to check the state of the injured or in the mourning councils to share with them their grief, or in political, sport, cultural and social occasions- and here he is now surrounded by citizens in crowds gathering in the park gardens to listen to what he says, see him and talk to him- and they admired and appreciated his sharing with them the Eid's celebrations. But at the same time, they made know their resentment towards the politicians to whom they voted in the elections for keeping themselves away from such places and such occasions, for why the officials' visits are not as much impressive and intimate as that of Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim which is far from sophistication and formality.   
A citizen said, "I personally saw him during the 40th day visit and in Baghdad exposition. I have also seen him many times in many places, and whenever he goes and my family or friends and relatives go, I learn and see that he was there", wondering where the others are. He added, "Why do we only see the mark of Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim and that of Al Muwattin movement in the aspects of our life and in what we yearn for and seek? Shouldn't the others let go for one day of their armed cars and inaccessible high palaces, and get down from their ivory towers to the earth to get in touch with the problems and worries of the citizens, and at least to see them among us?" There are no such obstacles between them and his Eminence. Yesterday, he was leading thousands of prayers during the Eid prayers and now he is among them in al-Zawra gardens celebrating Eid al-Adha al-Mubarak.