The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called all political parties to be flexible in dealing with the election law so as to reach consensus in this regard, stressing the need to make the consensus applicable and a guarantee for everyone’s interests. His Eminence stated that it’s possible to return to the old agreed on election law in the event no consensus is reached on the new law, insisting that local governments should be granted their constitutional mandates. He expressed his regret regarding the endeavors of some people to weaken the powers of provinces and get back to zero. He also considered that it is wrongful to remove the powers of provinces as such step does not contribute to instill the democratic culture, calling to delay a similar step. His Eminence underlined that everyone is under the law, wondering about the privilege granted to the Kurdistan region when it was given all the powers that enabled it to achieve a quantum leap in the area of construction and services while the governments of other provinces are deprived of their constitutional mandates.
This came during his Eminence’s speech in the celebration of Eid Al Ghadeer held in his Baghdad office on Wednesday, 23/10/2013.
His Eminence stressed the need to ensure integration among the local governments and the federal government, indicating that there is a military aspect intersection with democracy, that is the security officials’ abstention from attending the interrogation sessions or the military leaders’ exposure to danger of civil leaders elected by the people. Sayyid Al Hakim mentioned the local governments’ authority to nominate general directors including the police director, and added that part of the attacks targeting the Iraqi people, especially in Baghdad, is related to external influences, indicating however that this does not mean denial of responsibility. His Eminence also highlighted the need to review the security plans envisaged to counter terrorism. His Eminence confirmed that Eid Al Ghadeer holds a message of openness, refusal of sectarianism and coexistence among confessions and religions, adding that Al Ghadeer is a message of openness not withdrawal.
He stressed that belonging to Ali (AS) and the Ahl Al Bayt (AS) entails behavior, work and commitment, indicating that the logic of Ahl Al Bayt assures that loyalty to hem is the key to understanding the Islamic vision. His Eminence considered that Ali (AS) is an extension of the mission’s project and of the comprehensive change process brought about by the Prophet (PBUH). He explained that Imam Ali (AS) has made sure to establish his right not for the power nor for the glory, but for the victory of the project and the public interest resulting from his appointment. His Eminence finally stated that Ali (AS) has given lessons in seizing opportunities and he was careful against the exploitation by others.