Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Superior Council of Iraq, stressed the importance that the agreements between the political movements have the service of the country and citizens as basis, away from partisan interests and deals and secretly-made understandings, saying it is important to address the unfairness andeliminate the concerns of some components about the election law but not at the expense of treating other components or other regions unjustly. He explained that the constitution allocates 100 parliamentary seats for each 100,000 Iraqi citizens, pointing out to the importance of the wide turnout in elections and attaining the rights: Those who are satisfied with the status quo must participate and renew their choice, and those who have reproaches and observations must punish the member who failed to serve him by electing another one. His Eminence added that the elections are the source of legitimacy, and a constant that cannot be compromised or delayed, stressing the importance of holding the elections on time. This came during the 25th conference of preachers under the sponsorship of Shaheed al-Mihrab Foundation in Najaf on Thursday, October 31, 2013.
His Eminence said the service of the country and citizens are the basis of the alliances to be made by Shaheed al-Mihrab in the next stage, and how far or close the movements are to Al Muwattin movement is based on the agreement with the movement's platform on the service of the country and citizens, reiterating the adoption of "a people we do not serve is a people we do not deserve to represent" slogan in the next stage, praising the improved electricity in the country thanks to the supply of power, even on the basis of increased power production and not of increased loads on power, coupled with temperate climate and less need for cooling and heating. He stated that Al Muwattin movement is with any step that is in the interest and at the service of the citizens and will applaud any act relieving their burdens, explaining that Al Muwattin movement was the first to vote on the infrastructure law after clearing it of all defects. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim considered the bad security situation as more than security violation and the security organs must assume their double responsibilities in protecting the people's lives during the month of Muharram while practicing their religious rituals against terrorist acts, reminding of the Lady of Salvation church attacks, expressing his solidarity with the victims' families. To him, each day in the year marks the martyrdom of a number of Iraqis, calling for taking care of the martyrs' families, indemnifying them and taking vengeance for them by building Iraq and serving the country and citizens. 
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq underlined the importance of focusing on the lessons drawn from the revolution of Hussein, not only the historical accounts, saying the mission of preachers is to promote straightforwardness, build, educate, prepare, clarify the facts and confirm that the Islamic society is a society where all individuals are brothers and equally treated away from economic and social discrimination, and where freedom, social solidarity and balance prevail. In fact, the conference was attended by a big number of preachers and significant speeches were delivered by great references, first of which was that of the great religious reference Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Said al-Hakim (May Allah protect him) delivered on his behalf by his son, the proof of Islam and Muslims, Sayyid Alaa al-Hakim, followed by Sheikh Ali Rabihi, who pronounced a speech on behalf of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Ishaq al-Fayyad, and Sheikh Ali al-Najafi on behalf of Grand Ayatollah Basheer Najafi, with a final word for Sayyid Sadreddine Al Kabanji, Imam of Najaf al-Ashraf.